What kind of backsplash will be best for your kitchen?

What kind of backsplash will be best for your kitchen?

The homeowners who are planning to install backsplash in their kitchen are taking the right decision because it is crucial to have splashback in every kitchen. It sits between cabinetry and countertop wall and hence prevents staining and spilling in the kitchen. In some models, people prefer to have the countertop extended towards the wall as it will make a backsplash on its own while some prefer to have tiles. Before you choose anything for your kitchen backsplash, it is crucial that you check out the various designs and materials available in the market.

Choose the perfect height

There can be several kinds of heights you can choose for splashback but the common one is 4 inches from your countertop. Sometimes, it can be extended countertop while sometimes; you can also choose to have a full backsplash up to the ceiling. It is your own preference and style on which the height of the backsplash depends. You can choose the best glass splashbacks Sydney experts to get better knowledge about the variety of options available in the market under your budget and preferences.

Benefits of full backsplash

Why should one choose full backsplash? Even though standard backsplash is also a good option but it might not be comparable to the full backsplash. It helps in creating a kind of transition with upper cabinets and countertop. You can choose your favorite texture and color when it comes to select the backsplash material for the kitchen. The major benefit of backsplash is it helps to protect walls of the kitchen but the four inches of backsplash won’t be able to do it for long. One of the other times, there will be stains on walls if you will use smaller backsplash. In the sink and stove areas, having a large backsplash is important. You already know that stains and spills don’t look good in your kitchen and it totally ruins the look of it. Even if you have installed the best cabinets and countertops in the kitchen but have got stains on walls, then your kitchen will never look luxurious. So, it is better that you choose a way that can protect your kitchen walls from stains forever.                                               

Why should you go for a standard backsplash?

If you want to save your money on a kitchen renovation or backsplash installation, then you can choose standard backsplash which will need lesser material and reduced efforts. The four inches of backsplash will save you lots of money. You can play with the designs even when the backsplash is smaller in height. It can be possible for you to choose your preferred size of backsplash as per your budget and requirement.

Now you know about the two major backsplash options and that’s why you should choose the best one for yourself. You can take the help of the best kitchen designs Sydney experts as they can help you to choose the best backsplash for your kitchen. It is crucial that you decide your budget and make the right decision for your kitchen.

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