What should you do when a tree falls upon your property?

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There can be several reasons due to which tree can fall on your home. STrosm is the major cause of falling trees and broken branches. Not only people are scared of thunder and dusky winds but they also get scared when there is a tree in their garden. The tree indeed has deep roots but the storm can break down the tree from the middle. The tree can also rip apart from the soil when the storm is very powerful. Even if the tree isn’t near your home, it can fall upon it from a distance.

  • Get out of the house

You shouldn’t get scared when a tree falls over your home but you should check if the kids and pets of your home are safe. You should come out of the house along with your family quickly to avoid any accidents. There can be huge structural damage to your home if the intensity of the falling tree was high.

  • Call tree service

You should give a call to the best tree services mortdale professionals because they can arrive whenever there is an emergency. They will try to remove the tree from your property as soon as possible. There won’t be chances of further damage to your home if the tree experts arrive at your home on time. If there has been some damage on the roof, then you might also need to call the roofing services so that they can repair the cracked roof.

  • Take pictures

Till the professional tree experts arrive, you can click the pictures of your home damage. It is better if you take the photo when the tree is fallen on the house so that there will be proof that the damage has been done by the tree.

  • Call insurance company

After you have clicked pictures of the tree accident, you can give a call to the insurance company. They will send a professional who will ask you about the cost estimates for repair of the house. He will check the damage of your house and then will talk to you about the overall expenses of tree removal and home repair.

  • Plant new tree

If the repairs are done by the tree professionals, then you can ask about the best tree which can be planted in your property. They can suggest you some good options and also some tips to ensure proper growth and maintenance of the trees in the long run. You should wait until the claim has been approved. You can get the tree removed and if the damage isn’t severe, you can start living inside the home.

You can call the best Sydney urban tree services if you want to get the best tree removal Lucas heights services. Not only they can remove the broken tree from your property but they can also help you to ensure proper growth and maintenance of trees. Whenever there will be an emergency, the professionals will run to help you with the problem of trees.

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